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About Tony Thomas


tony thomas online marketerHello, fellow-Tweeters!! You did find me via Twitter, right? If not, feel free to follow my day-to-day travels through life.

Anyway.......  smile


My name is Tony Thomas, I'm 47, have a wife and son and live in Vancouver, WA.


I work as a certified Social Media Marketing Specialist/Virtual Assistant, video producer, and Internet Marketer. My company is called PDX Guy, Inc. I've been into computers and the IT field since the mid-80s, starting out by building them, I did tech support for Microsoft for a while and then got into web design. You can see some of my experience through my LinkedIn profile.


In early 2006, I discovered affiliate marketing and the thrill of working online. Anything that gives me an adrenaline rush the way Internet marketing has, I throw myself into.


I've gotten deep into network and social marketing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare etc), landing page design, Squidoo, video blogging on YouTube and other video sites, WordPress, plus other avenues of Internet marketing, promotion and making money online. I do a lot of work for various clients.


I received my first certification as a Social Media Marketing Specialist in December of 2009 and then my latest one in 2010. I have a large web site that I created in 2006 called Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations. I love the beaches of Oregon (where I've lived most of my life (Oregon, that is!)) and thought it would be a very cool niche to get into.


Although, I had designed most of my sites by hand, I decided to use Site Build It for my Oregon coast site (I also have a site all about Portland). I really love the service and it's helped propel my web site to the top of the search engines for many of the most popular Oregon vacation-related keywords. At the time of this writing, my site is enjoying 1200 - 1500 visitors per day. The Portland site is growing and has about 900 visitors come to it each day.


I started working from home, full-time, in mid-2008 and, even though there is still some rough spots with the economy the way it is, I continue to forge ahead to retain my lifestyle of calling my own shots. I now live life on MY terms.


I love online gaming, early arcade games (Dig Dug! WOOT!), music of the 70s and 80s, movies, and watching other people run off to work. hehe! ;)


As I said, I am someone who loves networking, so here are a few places to catch me:


Take care and good luck in your ventures! ;)



Tony Thomas




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