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A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer/Site Build It Owner


 6:30am – Alarm goes off. Hit Snooze. Alarm goes off again. Turn alarm off. Sleep until 8:00-9:00am


10:00am – Get up. Debate taking a shower. Naaaw. I will tomorrow. Put on sweats, brush my teeth and get ready for my commute to work.


10:10am – Walk downstairs, put on the coffee (sweet nectar!), wait for the coffee, pour the coffee, take my first sip of the coffee, walk back upstairs to my computer and sit down. Commute is complete.


10:40am – Start my day. Work on my 2 Site Build It sites, writing content and doing some promotion. Make a Twitter post about my day so far. Write 2 articles and post them to a couple article depositories, and then do a bit of Bum Marketing (USFreeAds is a great place to use for it, FYI!). Peruse a few forums that I frequent and answer some questions. Work on one of my Squidoos. Read or re-read a marketing e-book.


12:00pm – Break for lunch. Run down to my favorite Chinese food place and get it to go. Head back home and eat while watching “People’s Court.”


1:00pm – Go back to my den and check my traffic for my web sites. Transfer some commissions into my bank account. Watch a webinar or do some additional promotion. Check my PPC campaigns and adjust accordingly.


2:00pm – Find my wife downstairs and watch “General Hospital” together.


3:00pm – Make a video or two and upload to YouTube, plus a few other good video sharing sites.


3:30pm – Go down to the mail box, grab any commission checks, go to the bank and deposit them. Maybe I’ll take the laptop to Starbucks and work there tomorrow.


3:50pm – Call it a day. Play some World of Warcraft or some Wii with my son. Snuggle with my wife, go out to dinner, watch some television, go to bed.


10:30pm – Drift off to sleep and get ready to do it all again the next day…..or maybe the day after. Maybe I’ll just go out and play tomorrow. Such rough decisions…. ;)




Thanks to my Site Build It sites and Internet marketing, I've been working from home since mid-2008, enjoying my family, my freedom and my life. How about you? Are you ready to pull out of the rat race?







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