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Your Web Site Found! Using Image ALT tags

You've heard that content is king, right? This is true. But, did you know that a fantastic back door to your web site is using ALT tags on all your images?

People are looking for images on the Internet as much as they are web sites. By using the proper keywords in your ALT tags, they can find your web site another way.

First, when using any image or photo on a web page, make sure that you properly name it.

For example, when using a photo for the book, Always Daddy's Girl" on a web page of mine, I would make sure the image was named, "always-daddys-girl.jpg"

People scouring the search engines who are searching for that book could discover it through it's image name.

Then, I would use an ALT tag in my coding to provide the name of the book (add the author, if you'd like):

<img style="WIDTH: 49px; HEIGHT: 75px" border="0" hspace="5" alt="always daddys girl" vspace="5" align="left" src="images/always-daddys-girl.jpg">

Search engines cannot read an images the way they read text. That is why the ALT tag is so important. Also, people who roll their mouse over the image will see the ALT tag text. This is especially helpful to them if they are on a slow Internet connection and have chosen to turn images off in their browser. They can still tell what that image or photo is. Using it for images that are part of your navigation is an absolute must-do.

Something as vital as that is pretty doggone quick and simple, isn't it?

Make adding ALT tags to your images a habit. You won't regret the extra few seconds it takes and your web site will reap the rewards in targeted traffic.




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