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The Secrets To Success

I want to share some secrets with you today.

I also want to make a promise…

If you make an effort to truly understand these secrets, then really make an effort to wrap your mind around them and put them to use for yourself, you can have massive success with the creative ideas for your online business and life in general.

So, without further delay, here are 3 secrets that I use regularly in internet business (and life) to gain massive momentum and success with whatever I choose to accomplish.

SECRET #1 - Unlock The Real Power of Your Mind and The Secret of “Resistance”

Your mind is so powerful, you cannot even fathom it. It is widely known that human beings only make use of a very small portion of the massive potential locked away in the “gray matter” between our ears. That is a sad thing, because it is a truly sad thing to waste.

I will bet you already knew that though. So what is the secret with the mind and “resistance”?

Well, I will illustrate this secret in two ways…

1) With the ordinary garden hose. Yep, this simple device is actually a key to understanding this massive power we have locked away in our mind. Imagine water flowing through a garden hose on high pressure…

If you squeeze the hose, the water flow is restricted, and almost can be stopped if you squeeze hard enough. If you don’t squeeze the hose at all, the maximum amount of water and flow is allowed (key idea here) to come out of the end of the garden hose.

So, we are really just talking about resistance here. The more resistance you create in your creative processes and in your mind, the less creative ideas that can flow from your mind to your business. In other words, if you have a difficult time expressing and creating new, profitable ideas and innovative marketing thoughts for your business…

You’re thinking way too hard!

You’re thinking yourself out of the best potential for your internet business creative ideas and marketing processes.

You need to allow your mind to work on a business problem or question you have, with as little resistance as possible, so it will provide the answer for you. Get out of your mind’s way, and let it do it’s work on any business or life problem, and the miracle can happen.

In other words, quit “squeezing your mind” and creating resistance with additional thoughts and stresses.

Which leads me to the second illustration that will “bring this concept home” in your mind…

2) The reason those subliminal message (relaxation) audios work to unleash the creativity and positive energies from within you. Have you ever wondered exactly how these work? I did too.

Here is what happens when you listen and truly follow one of these audios…

First of all, you relax. When you relax, you allow your inner mind to start working to more of its fullest potential. If your mind is allowed to do this, without the additional resistance normally encountered when you are under stress or lacking concentration, you begin the process of unleashing your creative within.

Secondly, after relaxing, you allow your mind to focus more of its energies on whatever questions or creativity you wish. But the hardest part is, truly relaxing.

This is why this concept sounds so simple, but few actually wrap their heads around it and unlock its full potential.

All you have to do is:

a) “Ask your mind” a question, or pose a problem, whatever that is.

b) Then lower the resistance your mind encounters (relaxing helps this process greatly).

c) And allow your mind to give you the answer or creativity you seek.

The better that you finish step b) above, the greater results you will achieve with this secret. Keep in mind you may not get an answer right away. This is definitely not an instantaneous process…but in a number of cases, I have “woke up in the middle of the night” with an overwhelming inspiration and clarity for my best business ideas (this blog was born of that process, as a matter of fact ).

Please do more research on this mental liberation process…it is a true secret to the creative processes of the greatest entrepreneurs both online and offline.

On to secret number 2.

SECRET #2 - “Taking Massive Action (it isn’t as simple as you are thinking)”

We have all heard that one of the secrets to success is to “take action” and implement what you read, or hear…all in order to gain results in business and in life.

But for secret 2, I am asking that you take this a step further.

I am asking for you to take massive action, not just take action.

You see, in my business, simply taking action has never been enough.

Please allow me to give you an example that may resonate with you…

We will use the example of starting an online business. You can apply the principle behind this to your business in a number of ways.

Let’s use John I. Net as our character for this story. John is working the typical 9 to 5 job, and hates it. He is seeking a change, but is afraid of leaving his “secure” job for creating his new online business.

So, John does a Google search for “making money online“, and purchases an e-book on the subject of creating an internet business.

He reads the e-book, absorbs its content, and gets very excited to make the transition.

But F.E.A.R. sets in (False Expectations of expanding your Actual Reality, or your fear of moving outside of your comfort zone). Once fear sets in, John backs off a little…but the seed has already been sown.

John later does a Google search for “online business success” and similar keywords. He finds yet another e-book, and reads, absorbs, etc…

John does something different this time though, he actually takes action on his inspiration, and starts an online business. He registers a domain, puts together a website, and starts the slow process of making money online.

But he didn’t take massive action. While he was excited to start his new business venture, any failures, or mistakes that he would make slows him down…his online business eventually fails…and a couple of restarts later, he eventually gives up on the idea. The idea and online business both lost momentum.

Fast forward 5 years…

It’s five years later…and this time John is really sick and tired of his 9 to 5. He is burning out fast, and starts to ponder on the days, 5 years ago, when he was starting that online business.

And the feelings started to rush back…

Those liberating feelings.

But he also started to think about the failures. You see, John failed and had to go back to work at a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) to feed his family.

This time, he started to have a revelation. In order to overcome the failures, he learned from his mistakes and did one more important thing…

He took MASSIVE action!

John took action on a massive scale, and quickly. He built momentum faster than he ever did before…he planned, executed, worked hard etc…and got the online business off of the ground (anyone who tells you it does not take hard work and some long hours in the beginning to create an online business is flat out lying to you, remember that).

So, what is massive action vs. regular action?

Massive action can be equated to a magnet. It comes with taking all of the “little actions” required to sustain momentum and build or grow businesses. You have to be prepared for this crucial step in the business building process.

Your plan cannot just be “do this, and get results”, instead it has to be:

“Do these things, get results, and do these related things, to sustain and build upon the results gained in this part of my plan”.

Re-read the italic area above this sentence at least 5 times before continuing to the rest of this article. Don’t worry, I will wait .

Read it? 5 times? Good.

On the contrary, taking action for the sake of taking action is just not enough. You see, information is fragmented, and so are your ideas…so simply taking action on one idea will only further that idea for that amount of time.

Simply taking action on one idea will not sustain an entire business, as a business is built and sustained on a massive number of ideas…not just one instance of taking action.

Re-read the bold area above this sentence at least 5 times before continuing to the rest of this article. Don’t worry, I will wait .

Read it? 5 times? Good.

You need to take massive action to gain the massive results you are seeking in business or life, as this lesson is also applicable to anything you do in life as well.

Last but definitely not least, we move on to secret number 3.

SECRET #3 - The willingness to fail, repeatedly and without hesitance.

The key word in secret 3 is willingness.

Accepting failure as a part of business growth is simply not enough.

You have to be willing to fail…and your mentality has to be centered around it as part of growing your business. You have to want to fail.

Am I telling you to fail intentionally?


I am telling you that when you do fail, get excited, because you are one step closer to massive success in whatever you are attempting to do.

If you aren’t failing, your business is being left to chance, because you have no clue if what you are doing is wrong or will have negative consequences later. So when you fail, understand that you have just removed a road block to your success later on.

Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times to invent a light bulb that worked. He just thought of it this way…

“I figured out 1000 ways that a light bulb doesn’t work.”

But when he found the one way that did, well, massive success awaited. You see, Thomas Edison wanted to fail as fast as he could, so he could get to the one success he was desiring. He simply chalked failure up as part of the light bulb development process.

Your mentality has to follow this pattern if you want true success for your internet business.

Here’s why…

Until you are successful, you are going to fail more than you succeed.

Even when you are successful, you will still fail a bunch.

Period. If you think for a second that you will build the perfect system or product etc… that defies failure, you will have a rude awakening. There will be some measure of failing along the way. It’s just a process.

Be willing to fail, not just accept failure, and you will attain success much faster.

Written by Joseph Ratliff